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O.M.V. Offer of special machines for rolling mill - Promotion of special customized machines

OMV is much more than a company. OMV is a team of motivated people that every day moved their knowledge and experience in building special machines for custom mill on customer specifications.

O.M.V. OFFICINA MECCANICA VENTURINI SRL. We make strapping machines and interlocking systems for rolling mill plants, created and designed for intensive, heavy-duty use such as pressing and strapping machines and the implementation of fully automated bundle evacuation.

We use CAD systems for additional design developments that create high-resistance twist knots.

We also design ‘lightweight’ versions of our products, which have some features modified to improve resistance to wear and tear and facilitate maintenance operations.

See our website for all the details.
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  • termina en... 11-02-2020

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