Whatever your need may be - leavening, cooling, deep-freezing, pasteurisation - our conveyor belts provides the ideal solution!

Since 20 years, M Technology designs and implements cutting edge handling installations offering complete and custom solutions for specific needs.
Handling systems - The best solutions for product handling at any stage of production by connecting and creating continuous processing lines of the different products: bulk or packaged, raw or frozen, cooked or cooled. Our handling systems range includes conveyor belts with modular belts in Acetal resin or polypropylene, conveyors in rubber, polyurethane and metal mesh that may be straight or curve; but also idler and motor driven rollers conveyors, overhead conveyors besides an endless selection of solutions for the handling of different products.

All our systems are designed and manufactured according to the specific requirements that we have to satisfy from time to time. Their routine maintenance is made easy as well as the cleaning and sanitizing interventions.


Via Ferracina 13, 36043
Camisano Vicentino (VI) - Italy
Tel: +39 0444 410221
Fax: +39 0444 742718
PEC: am.technology@legalmail.it
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